Where do you make your Jewellery?

All Regina Middleton Jewellery is hand formed in her home studio in Melbourne, Australia. I outsource casting to local businesses trusted by Melbourne Jewellers.

Can I commission something special for myself or a loved one?

Yes I love to create designs that are unique to an individual. Please email any commission or custom enquiries to regina.middleton@gmail.com

How do you turn the holdfast from its organic state into metal?

Once I have collected the holdfast components from my selected beaches I coat them with a sealant to ensure any holes are sealed and then they are taken to be cast in very much the same way as the lost wax casting process. Some holdfast components I have had molds made of as to allow repeats of the same design. Whilst other holdfast components I choose not to have molds made of as to keep them special and unique, or they are simply too intricate for a mold to truly capture their details.

What does oxidized mean and is it permanent?

Oxidization is a chemical process that can be applied to silver to turn it a dark grey almost black colour, otherwise known as a patina. It is not permanent and will fade with wear. The sections of the piece that have the most contact with the skin will fade the fastest. You may find it will enhance the appearance of the details of the piece as it polishes back to bright silver around its crevices.